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In order to recieve the best care possible we have implemented the following policies:


Legal Documents: To protect both parties interest's there are important documents every new client must sign before service may begin. We will keep these documents on file. You may request copies. You may eletronically sign all 3 forms on the client portal tab. All 3 documents must be filled out for service to occur.  If you are unable to navigate digital signing no worries!  We can do it on our Ipad at the meet and greet!


Privacy Policy: All your information will be kept private and confidential. I LET THE DOG OUT, LLC highly regards the trust of our clients. We do recommend that you inform a trusted neighbor or your Neighborhood Watch that I LET THE DOG OUT, LLC will be looking after your pets and home while you are away.


ALL pet sitting requests must be made by client portal.  This way there is no confusion about when visits are scheduled and your pets will be taken care of according to the schedule you set.  


Keys: We will pick up a copy of your key at the initial consultation. We will keep your key in a safe location until it is time for service.  Please note if we do not retain a key for service or other method to get in to house before service we charge a $5.00 trip charge to come get it. If for some unforeseen reason your key is lost our insurance covers rekeying your house. If you are not comfortable with giving us a key you may purchase a lock box that hangs on your door for the current cost that we purchase them at. If you forget to put the lock box out you will still be charged full service price.


Visit Times: I LET THE DOG OUT, LLC will visit as closely as possible to your requested times, as we know the benefits of keeping pets on their accustomed schedule. However, if we are caring for multiple pets, the times may have to be shifted a little to accommodate all our clients. We will do our very best to arrive at the appointed times.  During our busiest time's we will arrive within a hour of scheduled time before or after.  



Dog sits are required to be at least 2 visits a day that you are fully away.  Unless they are outside all day and secured by a fence of some sort and fencing waiver is signed.  



Unforeseen Purchases: If needed, I LET THE DOG OUT, LLC will purchase pet food, litter, cleaning supplies or other items necessary to the health and well-being of your pet while you are absent. We will retain a receipt and the pet owner is responsible for reimbursement of these items along with a $15.00 shopping trip charge.


Fences: Fenced yards are wonderful playgrounds for dogs. However, no fence system is totally secure. I LET THE DOG OUT, LLC does not accept responsibility for any client’s animal that escapes or becomes lost or injured, fatal or otherwise, as a result of instructions to leave the client’s animal in a fenced area. This includes electronic, wood, metal, or any other type fence.


Household Emergencies: In the event of any household emergency that may arise during your absence, including but not limited to leaking pipes, malfunctioning heating and air-conditioning units, and storm damage, we will contact you as soon as possible.



Payment: We accept cash and personal checks. We also accept Venmo as long as it remains fee free.  Checks must be made payable to I LET THE DOG OUT, LLC. It is our goal to accommodate and make affordable our service. In order to do this we must take measures to ensure payments are made in timely fashion by all clients.  If we arrive for first visit and no payment has been made we require payment by credit card.  a 3% charge will be added to your total bill to process credit card 





Dog Walks: For the safety of the dogs and all bystanders the number will be limited to 2 dogs at a time. For owners with a dog that is very ambitious on walk’s that also has another dog. They will be walked separately. During walks we do not allow your pets to interact with other animals, or people. This is to protect us as well as you.

Updated policy on 08/13/2017:

All visit's scheduled for 7:30 P.M and after are a maximum of 20 minutes. 

Posted 2/24/17.  Effective Immediately: Load balancing has become necessary during our busiest times.  What this means for you and your pets: If there are 3 or more households competing for the same time spot those visit's will be limited to 20 minutes in order to serve all households and make sure pet care is optimal.  All functions will be performed ie... feed, potty break, short walk, meds etc...  The balance of 10 minutes will be allocated to the other scheduled visit's that day.  I thank you for your understanding as I let the dog out grows and make's necessary changes to ensure optimal pet care.  

pet sitting findlay, ohio and surrounding area's.

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